Who We Are

Kromnickel  is a private limited company engaged in the business of Trading, stocking and distribution of stainless steel products into the Malaysian market and also the South East Asian region including China. Its suppliers are mainly from India but a sizeable chunk of the products has also been purchased from USA and Taiwan.

Business Volume

The business volume is in the region of RM 80,000,000 for 2005.Since inception we have carried out a biz volume of USD 200,000,000 in total. The current market level and the business environment for special steels is growing and we anticipate that our growth in the activity will be enhanced further. The China market has been by far the largest consumer of Hot Rolled stainless steel coils. Total consumption is more than 4 million tons/year. There has been a tremendous effort by the China steel makers and rollers to adapt to simple cold rolled technology by using Hot Rolled stainless coils to turn into Cold Rolled stainless steel. We have clear understandings with stainless steel mills in India. Up till now there are only 3 producers and we are proud that we have been associated with all 3 in the growth of the stainless sector from India in particular.

We for see a bright future for stainless steel industry as a whole. The consumption pattern for 2006 indicates a robust use of these materials in everyday life. Todate our use of stainless steel in Malaysia is about 100,000mt and growing. We anticipate that by 2020 Malaysia will have its own stainless making facilities to meet the demands of the SEA region as a whole. Thailand and Indonesia are the only countries with stainless cold rolling facilities. We anticipate that stainless melting facility and HR will become a reality one day and it is our desire to be part of that growth.


The company is managed by a consultant who is a trained metallurgist. He is currently providing consultancy to a number of companies both locally and in China on product development and in the use of special steels. He is currently promoting application based material usage in view of rising alloy prices. Most Malaysian users have now started their conversion to Low Nickel substitutes instead of the commercial 304 general purpose materials.

We also have a team of marketing personnel who have capability to understand and organize requirements of special companies. Through a series of regular meetings and also participation in steel conferences latest innovations and practices are updated and filtered down to all concerned.

Product Range

The products currently marketed are as follows:

Ferrous Division (Special Steels and Alloys Flat Products Division)

Cold Rolled Stainless steel coils in sheets with thickness ranging from 0.2mm to 3.0mm.

The grades being currently handled are the austenitic 300 series, ferritic 400 series, martensitic steels (hardenable grade 410S / 420) and duplex stainless steels 2205 smo for corrosion resistance properties. We also have imported and distributed furnace grades of stainless steel more commonly 303 / 310 grades.

Hot Rolled Stainless steel coils in sheets and plates all grades,200/300/400 series.

We supply both for re-rolling and fabrication purposes. The biggest market has been China followed by Thailand and Vietnam. Some HRAP grades have also been sent to South Korea.

Ferrous Division ( Special Steels and Alloys, Long Products Division)

Stainless Steel Grades available to conform ASTM standards for Rivets and bolts manufacture.Cold Heading quality.

We supply angles,bright drawn wires,Rods

Our ranges for angles are from 3/8” to 4”,Thickness is  from 2mm to 8mm.and the Length : 6Meters

Finish of the angles is in No 1 annealed and Pickled finish.More details are available upon request.


We can also supply rods/wires in stainless steels. Our finest wire is 0.1mm diameter and the highest is 150mm rod. The finish for 5mm to 80mm can be provided in H10/H9 or bright as required. All bars can be peeled drawn and polished or they can be supplied in the black finish for further drawing .



5mm to 15mm in coils of 500kg to 1000kgs

Lengths also available : 6M max,

For 15mm to 80mm in length of  : 6M or as per client request.

Rods can be supplied in tempered and annealed condition.They can also be provided in hardened condition.Client should specify hardness values for their own individual requirements.

Special grades other than 300 series are also available like,silver steel,nickel rods,nickel-silver rods for special applications.



  • Current dimension are as follows:
  • 150mm/190mm x 1250 x 11 M
  • Surface : ground on all 4 sides.


  • 120 x 120 x 11M
  • Surface : As casted condition (black)


NON FERROUS DIVISION ( Brass/Copper/Aluminium/Silver/Bronze/Nickel)


  • Brass Strips in coils Grade : 2680 R/2600 R etc
  • Thickness :0.2 to 1.0mm
  • Width 12”
  • Coil weight : 250kg and up to 4 tons.
  • Finish : Bright/Brushed
  • Brass Rods/Hexagons etc


  • Grades 1100/6600
  • Ingots form


  • Sheets and coils
  • Rods
  • Tubes.


  • Wires
  • Rods
  • Cathodes